It’s no Howl 

   but it’ll do 

     to stir the awareness 

   of my generation 

  how some try and fail 

      how some give up in basement life 

    and others try to make massive incomes 

          pay off massive debts 

  how some hold onto dreams 

          that become unattainable in weak markets 

  how some shy away from class reunions 

          unaware we all have jobs 

            few have careers 

            few have the work they want 

               or the life they want 

  how my generation thinks we’re all failures 

            because none of us are presidents 

              like the teachers said we could become 

            because we were taught to dream big 

               and settle for nothing less 

            how we were forced and broken 

                      into settling 

             because we never learned how to be content 

                with what we have 

  we will always strive 

                 and fail to strive enough 

              because our eyes are bigger than our abilities 

  how some have stopped striving 

                or settling 

              digging their heels into failure 

  some don’t think their dreams are worth pursuit 

            that one step forward 

              and one after that 

                 will ever take them far enough 

I’ve seen the best minds of my generation 

         rotting at home with menial jobs 

            not even looking for their ship to come in 

~Kat Wolper

response to Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”


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