Birthing Confidence

In the beginning life is joyous 

   full of hope 


   plans you think might come true 

Then the pain begins 

   and you wonder if any of your plans will stay in tact 

   you hope certain bullet points remain 

      the ones that are most important 

But the following self-doubt 

   can last for any amount of time 

You wonder how long this life-thing is going to last, anyhow 

   how long you need to grit the teeth 

  lay limp 

     and birth it like a woman 

   breathe          breathe          breathe 

If you’re foolish, you will wonder how you’re doing 

   how others think you’re doing 

   how you’re connected and intertwined 

   how you might fall apart 

        cut cords 

           and bleed         and heal        separated 

The end does not follow quickly after the doubt 

      for most 

   it can come and stay 

                                     or go 

   and be replaced by self-assurance 

Yes, this is right for me 

Yes, I am strong enough 

Yes, I am part of this 

Yes, I am ready 

~Kat Wolper


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