Hushed Horror

When my eyes are closed they appear and reappear

To the left I see him naked like a discarded doll
atop the garbage can lid, the makeshift bed
hair no longer black. Sick orange
Waiting to be taken away

To the right her singing ceases
she was on the table top admired, lovely, shining
now softly not sleeping in her mother’s arms
their white dresses blend together

Down in my arms impossibility far away
the twins fall away from me
one after the other like Jack and Jill
their pink and blue still swaddle them

In the truck we speed through cornfield after cornfield
his urgent cry fades away from my lap
not noticing I’ve gone, still speeding, speeding
not noticing the hospital never came

At the auditorium no angel can save her
she lies in a pool of their pastel light
haloed by her hair so cruel and red
so still on the cool hard floor

Leading me, surrounding me, following me
small coffins, snug coffins, are drifting, are floating, are rocking
lids on tight, contents dry, contents hidden, contents safe
inching their way, past parents, past trembling flowers

When my eyes open and reopen all fades to dawn
no soap will wash away their resolve


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April 8, 2017 · 4:49 pm

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