You asked whether Christ’s forgiveness
bought with his blood
was weaker than your sinning
and unrepentant heart

You don’t need to accept the gift
but it’s yours to take
All you need is to decide
you want a fresh start

If you leave your gift unopened
wrapper and bow untouched
it will be there for you tomorrow
and the day after that

But when you open it at last
and try it on for size
keep living in forgiveness
don’t go back to your past

Those who embrace making mistakes
’cause they live only once
might take the first step
again and again

But when you keep moving forward
instead of forward then back
you draw closer to a new life
Can I get an amen?

For Keith Moses
Track: “Questions”
Album: The Ghettosburg Address

“On Calvary when Christ got his sentence
right at that point when he said that it is finished
if he did it for forgiveness
what’s the purpose of repentance?
Are you suggesting my sinning
stronger than the blood was given?”


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April 14, 2017 · 6:11 pm

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