To Fall Asleep

Lay down in comfortable, soft clothing
or birthday suit

inside sheets soft enough to become invisible

beside fan or purifier for pure static noise

on top of pillows smooth enough to cradle tired thoughts

Feel the gravity of the world
not your situation

Feel the spinning

Beneath house
feel basement structure
miles of earth
lava core

Feel the earth incorporating your worries
into soil
fertilizing her people

Feel the air incorporating your molecules
until you no longer exist

Sweet surrender

Sweet sleep

Sweet dreams

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April 20, 2017 · 3:59 pm

Under the Clothes 

Who am I underneath my clothes
under the logos of companies I like
under pictures of teams

Who am I under my hobbies
under my taste in music and movies
furniture and cars

Am I someone you want to know
if we don’t talk about the interests
we mistake as being intrinsic

Will there even be conversation
when we meet

or will we hold each other
and just


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April 20, 2017 · 3:47 pm

Half Mast

The flag is at half mast today
same reason
different day

May as well keep it there

It’s 5:00 somewhere
and a massacre somewhere too
Right now

Mass shootings become commonplace:
schools, clubs, theaters, malls

Same story everywhere


No safe place to hide

No one to look to for protection
with the rotton police stories running
rampant as rabbits

Keep on running

The flag is at half mast again

Where was the shooting this time?
Was someone I know a victim?

Will more guns save us
from all the guns
in the wrong hands?

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Healing Inside Out

Make the commitment to heal
Vow to take care of yourself
through thick and thin

especially through the thin

Take candlelit baths on Fridays
to wash away the week’s stress

Dance in the kitchen
every other midnight
and every full moon

Tiptoe through grasses at the beach
Make eye contact with the gulls
Tell them about your day

Listen to the creatures
sharing your backyard
crickets, robins, crows, bees, children

Read the pages of your old journals
Identify with the protagonist

and remember
this is only a story
and you are the author

with the power to say how it ends

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April 18, 2017 · 4:46 pm

Strobe Light

The path is a spiral staircase
lit by strobe

When the light is on
you can see where you’ve been
and where you’re headed

When the light is off
you keep going where you were headed
and pray you don’t get turned around
in the storm

When the light returns
you reasses your North
soak up the light

When the light goes out
you become the nightlight
in the dark

continuing round and round

up and up


you become the light

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April 16, 2017 · 7:59 pm

Rose Substitution 

Though I am unable to stop and
smell the roses

I see the early morning stars
and greet the day with moonbeams

I enjoy the playfulness
between crunchy and soft
salty and sweet

I rub your chest
warm my fingers with your heartbeat

I meow at my cats
delight in curious ears

I tease my daughter
enjoy her tickles

I feel drumbeats pulse
through my veins

A rose by another tactile experience
just as sweet

after all

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April 15, 2017 · 9:13 pm


You asked whether Christ’s forgiveness
bought with his blood
was weaker than your sinning
and unrepentant heart

You don’t need to accept the gift
but it’s yours to take
All you need is to decide
you want a fresh start

If you leave your gift unopened
wrapper and bow untouched
it will be there for you tomorrow
and the day after that

But when you open it at last
and try it on for size
keep living in forgiveness
don’t go back to your past

Those who embrace making mistakes
’cause they live only once
might take the first step
again and again

But when you keep moving forward
instead of forward then back
you draw closer to a new life
Can I get an amen?

For Keith Moses
Track: “Questions”
Album: The Ghettosburg Address

“On Calvary when Christ got his sentence
right at that point when he said that it is finished
if he did it for forgiveness
what’s the purpose of repentance?
Are you suggesting my sinning
stronger than the blood was given?”

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April 14, 2017 · 6:11 pm