New Frontiersmen

Inspire me to make it on my own
sell my city house
move to open spaces
big enough for garden
untouched woods

Push me beyond paved roads
to places where calloused palms sweat
where threads run bare
where heads touch the sky

I will plant seeds that mature to harvest annually
I will bake pottery in my kiln
I will thatch my roof
stuff my mattress
I will grind my own aspirin from willow bark
I will dig my own grave when aspirin fails

I will dig my well
outhouse pit
I will sew my garments
darn my socks
sole my shoes

I will raise my barn
full of my own animals
and children

I will teach them letters and numbers
from my private library
teach them gardening
canning and jarring to survive long winters
teach them to tend fires with care

Inspire me to distance myself from you
like you distance yourself from your people

Is there distance enough for everyone’s 40 acres?
Distanced from the money cycle that bonded us
we will enter the cycles of famine and flood
on our own

braving this new world
on our own
like our frontier forefathers foretold


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Annual Verse

From trees to Ali
from hawk to the dock
you have a verse for that

From cockroaches to llamas
from clouds to kitty mamas
you have a verse for that

From Thor juice to rum
to Judge Judy with Mom
you have a verse for that

Each year we’re eager
for your annual feature

We’d be the worse without that

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Tell me what anxiety looks like!
This is what anxiety looks like!

You will see anxiety’s tracks
when you take a close look

when you examine teeth marks
inside cheeks

when you wonder if I’ve been softening stools
with fabric softener

when you wonder what hair follicles
ever did to deserve scalp banishment

when you cannot pull me out of video game or bedsheets
when you cannot push me into shower

when gaze is lost to horizon

when heart moves faster than feet

when dreams crave interruption
sleep slippery as suds

when poems refuse composition
preferring to drift into white space

when future is now
and now is bottomless

Tell me what anxiety looks like!
This is what anxiety looks like!

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The Song Within the Tune

I don’t know the words
but I find myself singing along
when the wind twirls
when the daffodils smile
when the songbirds tease

I don’t have the sheet music
but I feel the rhythm
when the grass sprouts
when the snow drifts
when the sand sparkles

I don’t have the record
but I have the song
when my heart thumps
when my cells divide
when my breath whistles

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Oh no
another skinny white bitch
is tryna save the world

There she goes
lotus mandala tattoo
mala beads jingling
hemp shoes bouncing
dread locks dreading
the day we’ll all sing Kumbaya

the day her work is done
what will she have to live for?

Oh no
the skinny white bitch
can’t see past her own biases
preferences of culture

her own Achilles’ heel upon my throat

her loose thread threatening
the sweater

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Anxiety Rod

I have an anxiety rod
I call it my spine

I connect my earth to my feet
zap my anxiety into the soil

it’s good for flowers
see the fruit on my trees

it’s good for my health
anxiety washes out
of kidneys, liver, heart

I pull
the anxiety drifting
floating through air
through my system
out again


blind like lightning
deaf like thunder

a moment needed to regain composure
after transfer of energy

songs made up

dreaming of flowers

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Drifting Into the Deep

I will disappear
just not today

I will fade out
into the corner of your eye

into the fog
between the mist and the memories

I will evaporate
like morning dew

like sounds in dreams
upon opening eyes

I will soak into waters
dissolve into the sea
between sailboat hull
and seastars

Someday I will become
the echo in the canyon
hailing you from the deep

I will caress you like a spirit
breathing sweet nothings into your ear

affection whispering into your mind
sweet stroke of humidity and blessings

drifting by

never lingering long

fading away

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